With over 100 years of drilling experience, Holy Drilling is very proud to continuously maintain the Dallas, TX area with our expertise drilling services. Our family based drilling contractors use modern drilling technology to perform the highest quality of drilling services to ensure our customer’s safety and satisfaction. Safety is our main priority here at Holy Drilling. Our projects are based and obtained by many safety certifications to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. Holy Drilling will proudly take on any commercial drilling, residential drilling, industrial drilling, municipal drilling and environmental drilling service of all sizes.

Rather you are just starting a new business and need your sign drilled in the ground or you need to install a new traffic sign on the corner of your street, Holy Drill guarantees clean and reliable work. For commercial drilling, we offer services such as drilling and installing billboard signs, road signage, cameras, bases for poles bases for street lights, bases for traffic signages. We also provide soil testing for hole drilling for environmental purposes.